Sunday, 27 November 2016

Ħĩŧøŗįĵįmě Ťħęøŗŷ M+CD

Wazzup! Wazzup!

Happy Sunday!! I wish you a great weekend with a nice spent of time and a hope for a smooth weeks to come..  ^^
Well, as I was saying yesterday, I need a big meeting with the Big Boss about today's release.. and after last night... She chose..!! 💖💖💖 
I always had a hard time to choose something to post and letting the Big Boss to decide is always the easy thing to do.. hihiiih

This baby this time tells stories about multiple couples but this CD just cover 2 of them from the manga.

Rules of Falling in Love (Wakamiya X Takao)
➤ Wakamiya has liked Takao's face for the last 3 years. Now an assistant sensei has come to their college with a face that Wakamiya also like. They then become closer with their love over sweets, but when sensei invites them to his office, it might be Takao that he really wants to see. 

Theory of Monopoly (Sakura X Tachihana)
➤ Sakura and Tachihana had been sharing an apartment and also the bed (platonically) for the past 2 years. Now as graduation day approach, is time for one of them to move out..? 

Mangaka : Kitakami Ren
Release : 29/7/2009
Cast :
Yasumoto Hiroki X Kamiya Hiroshi
Toriumi Kosuke X Suzumura Kenichi

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  1. chap 6 and 7 r deleted. can u reup


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