Friday, 28 October 2016

Łōvë Móďĕ M+CD #3

As if life isn't hard enough for the young Naoya, a secret from the past is surfacing that could unravel everything he's built up in his new life with Reiji. What really happen the night his parents died..?

Author : Shimizu Yuki
Release Date : 2003/02/28
Cast :
Yanada Kiyoyuki x Miyazaki Issei

ps: This is the reup for CD1 for this volume. Just enjoy this drama as the start of our joyful weekend.. I'm gonna release the reup for CD2 pretty soon... hurm.. let's say.. tomorrow..?  ^^

~ dear, this weekend has been booked full with release,  so make sure you guys are staying here and not going anywhere, kay..?  ^^  ~

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