Sunday, 9 October 2016

Ķĭӎḯ ḡḁ Ḱṓḭ ṉḯ Ṑḇỏṛệṙṷ M+CD #3

Wazzup Guys!!!

As usual, I would like to wish everyone here to have a happy Sunday..!!  
(Just like the fun Roby is having right now..!!   ^^)  
My Sunday today start very early at 6 in the morning..  and kept busy 'till 11am..!! Not exactly a weekend I wished for, but then with all the rain and everything, I managed to be lazy on my bed at the afternoon.. ^^
The rain is so hard right now, so I decided to share this hot project to keep myself warm and snuggle up for the rest of the evening.. (what a lazy plan..!! ahahhaha)

Vol 3 :

We got to see Jinnai's jealousy in the last cd2, but on the first track of this cd3, we can see Reiichirou's instead and it was sooo cute..!!  ^^
The issue about Reiichirou's omiai is still not settle and even though he decided to decline it, he still went to the session as a polite way to refuse them. 
Though it makes Jinnai feels uneasy, he still able to control himself as he understand that's the man Reiichirou is... 
But what's going to happen when the girl from the omiai keeps pushing on meeting up with Reiichirou even at the workplace? With Reiichirou's attitude who can't seem to be impolite towards others and cannot refused the girl harshly, Jinnai is...

*Warning!! Not for faint heart..!!!   ~.~

p/s: with this cd3's release, it mark another complete project in this blog..!!  Thank you for your patience while waiting for this baby, and make sure to keep your touch with us as we still have many more babies in our plan to share..!!  Enjoy the vids..!!


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